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Snack Baskets

Covered Bridge Sweet Potato Chips (Pack of 6)

This Basket has 6 Packs of Covered Bridge Sweet Potato Chips  Covered Bridge Sweet Potato Chips are a popular brand of chips that are made...
Binge Snacking Snack Baskets
$25.74 $24.49

Covered Bridge Lela's Chickpea Chips (Pack of 6)

Looking for healthy snacking option that is loaded with protein and gluten-free? Look no further than Covered Bridge Lela's Chickpea Chips. Covered Bridge Lela's Chickpea...
Binge Snacking Snack Baskets
$25.74 $20.59

New Moon Kitchen Cookie Basket

Our New Moon Kitchen Basket comes with 7 items, all sourced from the highest-quality ingredients.  New Moon Kitchen Cookie Basket: What's Included 1. New...
Snack Baskets

Chocolate Basket

Chocostgram box is a collation of our best selling Chocolate Bars, we are 100% sure you will love each one of them!! Contents: 1....
Snack Baskets

Hippie Snacks Avocado/Almond/Cauliflower Crisps (Pack of 4)

We deliver Hippie Snacks to your home anywhere in Ontario. Our best-seller, this Hippie Snacks basket, has four flavours.  Hippie Snacks Basket: What's Included...
Snack Baskets

Nuts Basket

Our Nut About Snack box is a must have in your Pantry! Contents: 1. Prana Kabana Maple Sea Salt Almonds 150g (Organic) 2. Prana...
Snack Baskets

The Gummies Basket

This Snack Gummies box has all the gummies you will fall in love with! Contents: 1. Haribo Happy Cola 175G 2.Haribo Starmix 175g 3....
Snack Baskets

Snacky Bites Basket

Our Snacky bites box is perfect for on the go snacks! Contents: 1.Justin's Peanut butter Cup 40g (Organic) 2. Justin's Cashew Butter Cups 40g...
Snack Baskets

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