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Alani Fit Protein Shake Basket (Pack of 4)

Alani Fit Protein Shake Basket comes with four best flavors! Alani Fit Protein Shake Basket contains 4 Packs 1. Alani Fit Protein Shake Cookies & Cream...
Healthy Protein Baskets
$21.48 $20.49

Alani Fit Snack Protein Bar Basket

Alani Fit Snack Protein Bar Basket comes with five best flavors! Content: 1. Alani Fit Snack Protein Bar Chocolate Cake 2. Alani Fit Snack Protein...
Healthy Protein Baskets

Biggie Binge Basket (Pack of 8)

Beef Sticks, your reserve to kill hunger! Content: Please note: Biggie Binge Box contains 2 pack of each item. 100% Grass-Fed 1. Bison Snack...
Binge Snacking

Chocolate Basket

Chocostgram box is a collation of our best selling Chocolate Bars, we are 100% sure you will love each one of them!! Contents: 1....
Snack Baskets

GoMacro Protein Bars ( Pack of 6)

Go Macro bars are Vegan, Gluten-free and Organic Certified. We ship GoMacro Protein Bars to Anywhere in Ontario and Quebec! What's inside the GoMacro Protein...
Vegan Basket

Hardbite Chips Basket (Pack of 4)

Hardbite Chips are a Canadian brand of all natural, gluten-free potato chips. The chips are made with all natural ingredients and are cooked in...
Binge Snacking

Indian Delicacy Basket

Taste the Authentic Indian Delicacy, ready in 60 secs! Contents: 1. Bombay Potatoes 285g (Vegan) 2. Channa Masala 285g (Vegan) 3.Vegetable Tikka Masala 285g...
Ready To Eat

Iwon Organics Protein Crunchies (3 Pack)

Add Plant-based Protein to your Breakfast with our Iwon Organic Crunchies  Contents: 1. Iwon Organic Plant-based Protein Crunchies Cinnamon Flavor 198g 2. Iwon Organic...
Plant-Based Basket

Keto Chocolate Basket

Basket contains 4 amazing flavors of Galerie Chocolate. Contents: 1. Galerie Maple Crunch Chocolate 100G ( Organic, Gluten-free and Keto) 2. Galerie Midnight Dark...
Keto Baskets

Keto Cookies Basket (Sugar Free)

Our Keto Cookies Basket comes with three amazing flavors. Contents: 1. Double Chocolate Cookies 90g ( Sugar Free Cookies) 2. Peanut Butter Cookies 90g...
Keto Baskets

Keto Meringue Basket

Our Keto Meringue Basket comes with three amazing flavors. Contents: 1. Coffee Meringue Bites 40g ( Sugar Free and Gluten Free) 2. Lemon Lime...
Keto Baskets

Keto Meringue Basket 2 ( Pack of 4)

Answer 42 Merengue is Vegan and KETO Certified. Contents: 1. Four packs of Answer 42 Vegan Meringue in each basket. Our Guarantee   If...
Keto Baskets Vegan Basket

Keto Vase Basket

Our Keto Vase basket contains three amazing flavors of Chocxo and are Organic and Keto friendly. Contents: 1. Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond Butter Cups...
Keto Baskets Organic Basket

New Moon Kitchen Cookie Basket

Our New Moon Kitchen Basket comes with 7 items, all sourced from the highest-quality ingredients.  New Moon Kitchen Cookie Basket: What's Included 1. New...
Snack Baskets

Nutritious Organic Basket ( Pack of 4)

Our Nutritious Organic Basket contains our best overnight muesli flavors, basket contains 2 packs of each flavor. Contents: 1. Organic Overnight muesli Peanut +...
Organic Basket

Nuts Basket

Our Nut About Snack box is a must have in your Pantry! Contents: 1. Prana Kabana Maple Sea Salt Almonds 150g (Organic) 2. Prana...
Snack Baskets

Omni Binge Basket

Our Omni Binge Basket comes with Coconut bites that are Organic, Vegan Gluten-free and Paleo. Contents: 1. Cacao Coconut Bites 150g 2. Matcha Coconut...
Organic Basket Vegan Basket

Organic Crunchie Basket

Our Organic Crunchie Basket comes with two top Prana Flavors. Contents: 1, Organic Oatmeal Cookie Crunch 300g 2. Organic Brownie Crunch 300g  Our Guarantee...
Organic Basket

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